bookmark_border02/07/2019 – Free Spins and Coins Links Updated!

OPENING POSITION (x2) – Data Input

I am currently Looking for people to update the site, with the Links and Rewards – 
If i get at least two people interested in doing it i will build an admin system so that you can add the links and the reward. 

This will be a voluntary Position but could lead to something much better in the future. This would help me maintain an updated link on a Daily Basis, you will also get moderation Status on the group. I not always there to get the links in on intime. This would help a lot Please message us! using the Send Message button. On the CoinMasterGroup Facebook Page not Group.

bookmark_borderCoin Master Pro Information

Coin Master Pro

Coin Master Pro will Deliver Daily Free Spins and Coins at the Link Below
we provide AD FREE and No Surveys (scams) Links for people who want legitimate Links that provide you with Free Spins and Coins for @CoinMasterGame – Is currently getting a migration to a new server will take up to 24hrs… Hopefully there is no Down Time.

Coin Master Group

Coinmastergroup is where we host all of the legitimate Links, In other words we have got from social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Email.
we just basically grab the links from these location and create a hub just for the links for the people like you.

Coinmastergroup is currently developing a trading platform which will supposedly be used widely by all coin master players. This is once it has been created. We will also be creating a new and easy way for you to create raffles in other words you can raffle off cards with a new unique system which has never been seen before.


we Currently using to Host our Servers we will continually to use this service
They are Currently doing there best to keep our Coin Master Fan Site Online.
If you need to get back to this current update the link is below.

Coin Master Pro is a new site and we will be listing here each day or when we can to keep you up to date with all the latest links for your game.


If you have Any Questions you can contact us on our Facebook page we will be happy to help.

or you can join our Facebook Group which is located on the Facebook Page Visit Group Button.

Please Like the page if you found all of this information helpful but for the time being, if you need to trade cards just join the group and ask in there until the platform as been created and authorised by facebook.

We will keep you posted keep checking back and soon enough there will be future updates.